About GB Whatsapp APK

About GB Whatsapp APK

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Tap on 3 dots present on the app screen: Now you are on the chats section of the app. On this app page, you will find three vertical dots present at the top right corner of your screen. Just click on them and you will see a drop-down menu will appear on your screen in the same corner.
Step 3 - Tap on the Settings option: This drop-down menu will have a list of six different options. From these options, select the sixth and the last option which of the Settings. Just tap on it to select it.
Step 4- Tap on the Notifications option from the menu: A new menu with a list of multiple options in gb whatsapp download will again appear on your screen. From this menu select the third option which is of the Notifications. Again, just simply tap on it to select it.
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